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Amberlea Meadows Hosts the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride in 2017

Amberlea Meadows is pleased to be hosting the RCMP Musical Ride on August 6 and 7, 2017 with performances at 2 pm on each of the days. An equine extravaganza will also be part of the afternoon activities where numerous different horse breeds will give demonstrations. A market with shopping opportunities and souvenirs will be available as well as numerous food vendors to satisfy any desires. This will be the only show the RCMP Musical Ride will be performing in the Edmonton area in this year of celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday.  Amberlea Meadows is an equestrian centre conveniently located just south of Edmonton and can be accessed from Highway 19. Directions and additional information is available on our website at  Tickets for the event are available at . Individual tickets are $18 each and a Family Pak is available for $75. The family pak entitles admittance for up to 5 family members. Children under 5 are free. All net proceeds from this event will be donated to the Kids With Cancer Society.

Horses have always played an integral role in the RCMP since its inception in 1873. Today they help create the world-renowned spectacle known as the Musical Ride- a living symbol of Canada. It is performed by a full troop of 32 riders and their horses. The performance consists of intricate figures and drills choreographed to music and their movements demand the utmost coordination, control and timing. They perform in up to 50 communities across Canada between May and October, helping to raise money for local charities and non-profit organizations.

The Musical Ride offers the amazing opportunity to experience the traditions and heritage of the RCMP. What an exciting way to witness this in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday!

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Amberlea meadows  christmas horse show 2016

December 4th, 2016 Jingle Bell Classic Champions.

Amberlea meadows  christmas horse show 2016 Amberlea meadows  christmas horse show 2016Amberlea meadows  christmas horse show 2016Amberlea meadows  christmas horse show 2016


2017 - 'Tentative' Show Schedule 



Amberlea Meadows Equestrian Centre is pleased to announce the addition of Kubota Canada to our family of sponsors. Kubota is now the exclusive equipment sponsor to Amberlea Meadows. They have generously supported both the sports of show jumping and dressage through their sponsorship and in the providing of equipment to be used at tournaments throughout the year. We are encouraged by the commitment that they have shown to the development of equestrian sport at Amberlea Meadows and look forward to working with such a progressively minded company and group of people.

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The making of our new GGT ring 


Spring 2015



This is just a reminder from the AEF that the deadline for Athlete declarations for this year’s CIEC is May 29. We are searching for 4  First level dressage riders that would like to participate in the event and represent Alberta in Ottawa this year.


If you, or you know anyone that might be interested, please look at the attached information. Your help would be greatly appreciated, we really want to have all 3 disciplines involved (dressage, show jumping and reining) this year!


Further information is attached here:  Athlete Declaration, the Qualification Criteria, as well as the Technical Package.


If you have any questions at all, please contact.


Sophie Beaufils

Competitions Coordinator

100, 251 Midpark Blvd SE

Calgary, AB T2X 1S3

Toll Free:   1.877.463.6233

Phone:       403.253.4411 ext 2

Fax:              403.252.5260




Fall Winter 2014 Newsletter


Halloween Party 2014


On October 25th we hosted a super scary evening, it was spooktacular on all accounts. We started off by playing a few games on horseback. The first game was musical chairs, what a hoot! We even had a bridle almost come off in the rush to the chair. Lots of laughter also ensued at the next mounted game, the egg and spoon race. These were not your average hard boiled eggs these were fresh farm eggs right from the chicken the very breakable sort, and surprisingly only a few broke. Testament to our great footing! 

When it came to the bobbing for apples on horseback, riders were really wondering how this was to be accomplished. Well it was done really well. Instructions were something like this:

Line up at the back of the arena. Then when we say GO!  Get going, it will be a short gallop to the other end of the arena then get off your horse, get down on your knees and go bobbing for your apple. Now, keeping the apple in your mouth, get back on the horse and gallop to the other side, where you will place the apple on the rails, and by the way you will all need a groom!!!  

Lots of energy and screams of laughter filled the arena!   

And if you thought you were finished with the games you couldn't have been more wrong! Up next was the Amazing Race.  This race started only after the ‘best behaved horses in the whole wide world’ were all looked after and put away.  This was a foot race around the barn and property. Ten teams joined in and before any instructions were given each team had to feed one of their members the wonderful green slime which signalled the start of the race. 

After all that fun and games a perfect pot luck supper was enjoyed by all, and I do believe there were quite a few candies to enjoy. 

Elexis did all of the planning for the evening, it was sure to be a lot of  hard work. 

Elexis received many Thank you's for a fabulous evening!   











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The RCMP Musical Ride returned to Amberlea Meadows

July 25th and 26th 2014














AEF - Article in the Fall 2013 Alberta Bits


Albert Drews always wanted to live out on a farm, not too far from Edmonton, so that he and his family could be close to the benefits of the city.  His daughter, Ellen dreamed of horses and having a small stable for herself and her students.  The two dreams melded in the late 1970's with the horses first being housed on a pasture, a few years later a small barn with six stalls and a walk-in shelter for the cattle was constructed.  It was soon apparent that the horses would take over the barn and ten stalls were built in the once walk-in cattle shelter.  The boarding, training and lesson business began to take off!  Within a few years, there was enough to buy a John Deere tractor and a grain truck!  Success was seen at the horse shows and the small stable even hosted a successful fun show to close off the season, "The Section Two Horse Show".  Section Two is part of our legal address and having no good idea for a show or farm name, this odd title was chosen.

Agnes and Albert attended a few shows in the Edmonton area an decided to expand this "crazy horse business" they were now in.  Amberlea Meadows was expanded to include a spacious indoor arena and a total of 88 stalls, all comfortably connected to the original barn.  Staff and trainers were hired, media events arranged, prestigious clinicians from all over the world came to teach and events showcasing numerous disciplines and horse breeds gave life to the dream.  Agnes and Albert's son, Gerald, soon caught the "horse bug" and joined in with the organization of the venture.

This dream has inspired some of our students to national and international acclaim in the industry.  We are very proud of their accomplishments.  On the other end of the spectrum, we also hold beginner summer camps and lessons for all ages.  The magic of the horse has still not worn off - the thrill is till there when a  student or a young horse grasps the lesson of the day!

Our horse shows have expanded and yet the desire to be a facility where horses and their people feel at home is our priority.  Giving back to the community and to charities such as the Kids With Cancer Society, the Children's Wish Foundation and the Junior Young Riders programs are important to us.  The sponsors of our events realize that their participation in our tournaments assist the X-rail or Walk/Trot athlete up to a Grand Prix competitor encouraging benefit to those involved.AEF Magazine Article 4.JPGAEF Magazine Article 3.JPG







The future feels exciting at Amberlea Meadows.  This year two Amberlea Meadows students, Elexis Ortlieb and Christina Popescu attended the North American Junior Young Rider Championships, bringing home the Junior Dressage Team 8th place overall, together with teammate, Tess Wise of Calgary and Georgia Tooke of B.C.  These young girls inspire all of us at Amberlea to continue the pursuit of excellence, education and good camaraderie.  We thank those who already call Amberlea Meadows home and welcome you to our stable.  We invite you to enjoy what the spirit of the horse has to offer us all.AEF Magazine Article 6 - Copy.JPG

Thanks to Monika for encouraging this article and to the AEF for their tireless commitment to fair play and good horsemanship.  We have turned to the AEF for information and always appreciated the their guidance.

Ellen Drews Ortlieb

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